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Clad steel plate (explosion bonding) Thickness. Total thickness:8-200mm (cladding material thickness:2-15mm) Plate type. Specifications and plate types can be customized according to client needs. Shape. Round shape can be produced by explosion bonding. Finish. No.1 or as per your requirement. Standard. NB/T 47002.12009. Materials Copper steel explosive bonded clad sheet plate - Signi The explosive composite method is usually carried out at room temperature, and the plate is assembled by rolling and crimping, and heated and rolled. The main points of the copper steel explosion bonded clad sheet plate are to place a certain amount of explosives on the top of the two sheets to be crimped. From the end of the explosive, the explosion speed is several kilometers per second.

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Jun 01, 2010 · In the present work, plates of stainless steel (grade 410) were joined to copper ones through a diffusion bonding process using a nickel interlayer at a temperature range of 800950 °C.The bonding was performed through pressing the specimens under a 12-MPa compression load and a vacuum of 10 4 . torr for 60 min.. The results indicated the formation of distinct diffusion zones at Dissimilar Metal Bonding and Joining - Atlas TechnologiesOur bonds have been used in some of the highest man-made vacuums ever produced (1 x 10-14 Torr) and in the most difficult-to-seal applications (e.g. super-fluidic helium). Our components are used extensively in semiconductor fabrication, particle physics, medical, nuclear, cryogenic, oil and gas, and many other applications. Much of what we do involves custom bimetallic solutions Continued Explosion Bonded Clad Cover Flanges / AutoclavesExplosion Bonded Clad Cover Flanges in ASTM B898 Carbon Steel & ium Cladding, ASTM A266 Grade 2 & ASTM B262 Grade 1. Autoclave Clad Flanges for Mining.

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Our company uses the explosive welding method to produce and supply explosion-bonded aluminum stainless steel. The products are sold at home and abroad and are highly praised. With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more places need to use a variety of corrosion-resistant, high-temperature, wear-resistant plates, rods or tubes made of stainless steel, various rare Explosive Bonding High Energy Metals, Inc.Dissimilar metal explosion bonded joints are applied anywhere a designer needs to make a high-quality transition between metals. Typical uses include ultra-high vacuum joints between aluminum, copper and stainless steel, corrosion resistant claddings on mild steel substrates, and alloy aluminum joined to low-expansion rate metals for electronic packages. Explosive Bonding of Steel ::Total Materia ArticleIn the work by the above mentioned authors, relating to the study of Cr18Ni10 stainless steel and titanium matrix welded by explosion were used. ium was of a commercial grade and the anticorrosion steel had the following chemical composition (in wt. %):0.04C, 0.45Si, 1.96Mn, 18.42Cr, 9.74Ni, 0.065P and 0.011S.

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These twin-box lap type joints, produced by compacting each cable end in into a copper - stainless steel bimetallic box, are required to be highly performing in terms of electrical and mechanical prop- erties. To ascertain the suitability of the first copper-clad plates, recently produced, the performance of several plates is studied. What is the Stainless Steel Cladding?The cladding thickness of less than 1.5 mm is difficult. The cladding thickness of explosive bonding ranges from 1.5 mm to 2.5 cm. The thickness of stainless steel varies from 50 to 50% of total thickness of the composite plate. For most of the purposes, the recommended thickness of stainless steel cladding is 3mm. eStainless Clad:Thermal and Structural Materials for To address this challenge, Materion created eStainless materials, which are thermally conductive, fully formable clad laminates made of stainless steel and copper (Cu) or aluminum (Al). eStainless clad Cu (SUS/Cu/SUS) is ideal as a high conductivity replacement for stainless steel, allowing heat spreading functionality to be designed directly into the structure of devices. eStainless clad Al (SUS/Al/SUS) can

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304L/C1020/304L Multilayer Copper and Stainless Steel Explosion Bonded Clad Plate . Quick Product Details:Cladding metal:304L/30403. Interlayer:C1020