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Dec 29, 2007 · 4130 is primarily straight gauge tubing , IE:military spec 4130 chromoly 9 out of ten times made by Plymouth mills . 520/535/623/725 etc. These are Heat-Treated tube set's from Renoylds. The tube thickness and dia will vary between series , there will Fanning Friction Factor - an overview ScienceDirect TopicsMoody diagram:Fanning friction factor, f, vs. Reynolds number for the range of commercial pipe relative roughnesses. Since commercial pipe is normally relatively smooth, with an /D of between 0.002 and 0.0002, it follows approximately Blasius's equation for perfectly smooth pipe, with = 0, up to a Reynolds number of 100000:

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May 17, 2009 · Its largely the same stuff. Steel tubing with added metals to make alloys. 501 is closest to 4130. 531 is a diffenernt formula. I think Reynolds add a metal (or some element) which actually "air hardens" the tubing when welded, where as straight 4130 Reynolds 853 vs Top Aliminium BikeRadarMay 08, 2007 · What i wanted to ask about is which material do you think would be best for building up a race bike. reynolds best steel or some top quality aliminium. Also why are most road bikes aliminium carbon hybrids (carbon seat stays and forks) rather than steel. Reynolds also use the 520 decal for Reynolds chrome-moly tubing made under license to Reynolds steel - 725 v 520 Singletrack Magazine ForumThe topic Reynolds steel 725 v 520 is closed to new replies. Issue 136. Latest Stories. Trans-Savoie Announces New 50/50 Event for 2021;

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Feb 27, 2017 · (For steel connoisseurs, the 525 is cold-worked chromoly steel and displays similar properties to the material that forged Reynolds reputation 531 namely comfort without too great a Tange Prestige Road Bike, Cycling ForumsFeb 01, 2010 · Tange are masters at steel. They used to go on old GT's and plenty of high end framesets back in the day. Honestly, good steel (eg:not 4130/Reynolds 520) is good steel. Not that "bad" steel is actually bad but you know what I mean. Different steels are just differently alloyed, stainless or not. Your choice. Which new steel? Cycling UKFeb 01, 2014 · Its 18% lighter and 3% stiffer than the 1in 531C top-tube. The usual 0.8/0.5/0.8mm walls of 525 or 725 result in a down-tube thats still 14% lighter and floppier than 531C, but (as suggested above) modern steel frames are usually stiffened by a fatter top-tube.

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If you look at a piece of cheap steel tubing you will see the join as a different coloured line running down the tube. For example the old Reynolds 531 and all better tubes from Reynolds are seamless as is their Cr-Mo 520 and 525 (identical except 520 is license built in the Far East) so not all 4130 Cr-Mo is equal.