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Apply Abs of Steel® twice daily on targeted areas and firmly massage into skin until fully absorbed. Avoid face and neck. For best results, apply 15 minutes prior to workout, after showering and/or before bed. You will feel slight heat immediately after applying. Allow the cream to completely dry before direct contact with clothes and linens. :Classic Buns of Steel:Abs of Steel Workout tamilee says toward the end of the dvd, even though the hairstyle and workout outfits have change, the workout does not. this is a must for your dvd collection. five stars is my vote, also, this comes in a three pack along with buns of steel three, and arms and abs of steel

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This crazy effective Abs of Steel workout will definitely shape up your abs, obliques and lower back! Get ready to feel the burn. Flutter Kicks. Flutter kicks are a simple way to give your hip flexors, lower abs and quads a workout. Lie flat on your back on the floor or on a bench. Lift both feet an inch or two in the air. Tense your lower abs to raise one leg. Essential Abs:An Intense 6-Week Program - Kurt Brungardt May 18, 2001 · * The best ab exercises for sports * Modifications that eliminate neck strain ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kurt Brungardt is one of America's best-known personal trainers. He is the creator and host of the best-selling video Men of Steel:Abs of Steel and author of four workout books, including The Complete Book of Abs and 3-Minute Abs.:Abs of Steel:Intense Abdominal Workout [VHS Tamilee's abs workout is great. She provides three 10 min workouts that you alternate with. This ensures the you never plateau. Her instruction is clear and easy to follow. You even get a glut workout too. To see results, however, you must follow her program regularly.