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3PE anti-corrosion pipeline Three-layer PE anti-corrosion structure:the first layer of epoxy powder (FBE>100um), the second layer of adhesive (AD) 170250um, the third layer of polyethylene (PE) 2.53.7m Three materials are It is integrated and firmly combined with the steel pipe to form an excellent anti-corrosion layer. 3PE and FBE Coating Differences for Epoxy Coated Steel PipeThe 3PE Epoxy coated steel pipe is with 3 layer coatings, first FBE coating, middle is adhesive layer, outside polyethylene layer. 3PE coating pipe is another new product developed on the FBE coating basis since 1980s, which contains adhesives and PE(polyethylene) layers. 3PE can strengthen the pipelines mechanical properties, high electrical resistance, waterproof, wearable, anti-aging.

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Technological Process Before corrosion treatment, 3PE corrosion resistant pipes need to enter into the steel tube platform for inspection, record and shot blasting for the outer surface of steel pipes. Check whether the cleanliness of the outer surface of anticorrosion steel pipes and profile depth are in compliance with requirements. China Cheap 2PE/3PE Anticorrosion Pipe Manufacturers 3PE anti-corrosion consists of three layers of structure:2PE anti-corrosion (two-layer polyethylene) structure-The first layer of epoxy powder is greater than 100Um-The second layer of adhesive, (AD) 170-250um.-The third layer of polyethylene (PE) 1.8-3.7mm.-Standard:SY/T0413-2002 , GB/T23257-2009 -The first layer of adhesive, (AD) 170-250um. China Seamless Steel Pipe 3PE Anti-Corrosion Carbon 3 PE anti corrosion is one of the main technology system at home and abroad at present, anticorrosion of buried pipeline. It has good corrosion resistance, low water absorption rate, high mechanical strength and performance, in recent years in the domestic underground water, gas, oil path pipe has been used more and more widely.

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Feb 22, 2018 · First of all, from the electrochemical corrosion so that the surface of the ERW steel pipe, the soil erosion of the basic physical media to protect bacteria, Resistance to soil medium creep stress, basic mechanical protection methods, static stress, wear resistance and structure. External Anti-Corrosion Coating Line Pipe,3PE 2PE 3PP FBE Introduction Nowadays, many types anti-corrosion coating are adopted for making corrosion resistant external anti-corrosion coating line pipes, such as 3PE 2PE 3PP FBE LPE coated pipes. Anti-corrosion technology extends service life of pipe equipment greatly and decreases economical loss caused by corrosion. Sturdy, Stainless 3pe anti corrosion steel pipes for Stainless and galvanized 3pe anti corrosion steel pipes for industrial and commercial purposes at . These hot-dipped 3pe anti corrosion steel pipes are ideal for seamless construction uses.

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The coating has a coating operation is simple, clean good, impact resistance and flexural properties of the coating, temperature resistance advantages. 2. 2PE/3PE corrosion:2PE/3PE corrosion structure:the steel surface electrostatic spraying epoxy power and binder twine lateral lateral wound polyethylene coating, combined with three excellent performance, there by significantly improving the overall quality of corrosion of the pipe.Resistant to chemical corrosion What Is 3PE Coated Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe - Industry The base material pipe of 3PE (3 layers polyethylene) anti-corrosion steel pipe includes seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe and straight seam steel pipe. Due to its good corrosion resistance, water vapor permeability and mechanical properties, the three-layer polyethylene (3PE) anti-corrosion coating has been widely used in the petroleum pipeline industry. anti-corrosion steel pipe2PE/3PE corrosion structure:the surface of the steel and epoxy powder electrostatic spraying adhesive side wound, lateral wound polyethylene coating, combined with the excellent performance of the three, thus significantly improving the overall quality of pipeline corrosion. Resistant to chemical corrosion, resistance to cathodic disbondment

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3PE Coating Steel Pipe. Ordinary bare pipes are corroded in harsh environments, which shortens their service life and makes the construction and maintenance cost very high. But because each layer of the 3PE coating system has its own good properties, the 3PE coating can protect pipes in harsh