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Aug 01, 2019 · Three roll rubber calender /3 roll calender. Rubber calendering machine is mainly used for:Textile (cloth, canvas, etc.) of glue and eraser; steel cord adhesive; rubber compression and pressure type; cord attached to the fit of the isolation film and multilayer film. 1.The machine is made of chilled castiron alloys,whose work surface has high hardness,so it is wear-resistant and durable. 3-roll calender - simptek limited - 2-roll / 4-roll / for According to the number of the rolls, it can be divided into 2-roll, 3-roll, 4-roll, 5-roll calendar, etc. according to the arrangement of the rolls, it can be divided into "L" type, "T" type, "F" type, "Z "type and" S "type, etc. Application:Rubber calender is the basic equipment in the process of rubber products, it is mainly used to put rubber on fabrics, to rubberize fabrics, or to make rubber sheet.

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Vertical 72 x 36 inch- Blank 3 Month Dry Erase Wall Calendar - Large Dry Erase Calendar for Wall - 90 Day Giant Calendar for Office, School or Home - Blank Calendar 3.2 out of 5 stars 3 $69.99 $ 69 . 99 Gomaplast Machinery, Inc. |Used & Rebuilt Rubber Calenders:2-Roll, 3-Roll, 4-Roll. Farrel 24 x 72 3-Roll Calender, Item # 1861. 8 x 16 Farrel Calender, Item # 793. 8 x 16 Farrel Calender, Item # 1391. 6 x 13 Farrel Rubber/Silicone Calender, Item # 1447. 10 x 20 Getty Calender, Item # 396. 16 x 42 Farrel Calender, Item # 1176 IDDON 3 ROLL CALENDER Used machines - ExaproIDDON 3 ROLL CALENDER Year of Manufacture:1975 Roll size:400 x 762 mm Configuration:L Type Lubrication:With oil Line speed:Up to 30 m/min Nip adjustment:Electro motor and gear Motor:ASEA 50 KW, 440/220V, 50 HZ, 1400 rpm. o The calender is mounted on common bed plate.

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Our Kuster Nipco L type three roll calender for fabric can improve the following properties of the fabric processed by it. 1. Density 2. Gloss 3. Flatness 4. Softness. The three rollers are arranged in a L shape. The upper roller is a heating roller and the bottom roller is a nylon roller with controllable diameter. Internal pressurization Lab Three-roll Calender Lab ExtruderLab Three-roll Calender is a miniaturized calender unit. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption and small use of raw materials. It is suitable for laboratory use or small-scale production. Reliable Rubber & Plastic Machinery 201-865-107326" x 78"- 3 Roll, Even Speed & Friction Gears to suit 1:24" x 66"- 3 Roll, All Drilled Rolls 2:24" x 66"- 3 Roll, Even Speed & Friction Gears 1:13" x 55"- 2 Roll - Silicone/Sheeting 1:24 x 54- 4 Roll, Z Drilled Rolls/Ind. Drives 1:18 x 54- 3 Roll - Even Speed or Friction Gears 2:20 x 50- 3 Roll 1:18" x 48"- 2 Roll 1

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3:Thropp 3 Roll Calender:1563:1:18" x 42" 4:Farrel "Z" Calender:2047:1:18" x 42" 4:Stewart Bolling Inverted "L" Calender:1972-2:1:14" x 42" 2:Bolling Vertical Calender:2137-1:1:14" x 42" 2:Kansai Vertical Calender:1524-1:1:10" x 36" 2:Cushion Gum Calender:1585-L:1:12" x 30" 4:Farrel Inverted "L" Calender:1585-V:1:12" x 30" 3:Farrel Vertical Calender:NC820:1:8" x 20" 3:NEW! RCM Roller Bearing Calender Three-Roll Rubber Calender Calender Machine Sea KingThe three roll rubber calender is a high efficiency machine for calendaring rubber sheet products. Troester 3 Roll Calender Line - PelmarManufactured by:Troester Year of Manufacture:1971 For Producing:Inner Liner Roll Size:500 X 1200 mm Roll Cooling:Drilled Rolls Configuration:Inverted L

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Calenders are made in a wide range of sizes, from small laboratory unit upto the largest production machines. They are furnished with two, three, four or more rolls and with rolls in a number of different arrangements. ''UTTAM'' 3 ROLL 6'' x 18'', 8'' x 24'' Calenders are most popular for cushion/tapes/treads. These Calenders are most economical for specific for specific purpose and avoids extra expenditure