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  • DescriptionIndustries and ApplicationsResistance to CorrosionFabrication and Heat TreatmentCommon Trade NamesAlloy C-276 is a solid solution strengthened nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy with a small amount of tungsten. Alloy C-276 exhibits excellent corrosion resistance in a variety of harsh environments and media. Like many other nickel alloys, it is ductile, easily formed and welded. This alloy is used in most industrial settings where aggressive chemical environments are present and other alloys have failed.hastelloy alloy c276, hastelloy alloy c276 Suppliers and May 07, 2021 · hastelloy alloy c276, hastelloy alloy c276 Suppliers and
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      Sep 08, 2020 · Inconel Alloy 625 is a non-magnetic, corrosion and oxidation resistant, nickel-chromium alloy. Inconel® is famously proof against excessive temperatures, and retains sufficient tensile power at high temperatures to continue holding moderate hundreds (Inconel 625® retains 13.3 ksi Hastelloy Alloy C276 Forging & Casting Manufacturer/SupplierMar 06, 2021 · Hastelloy C276 Common Tradenames:Alloy C276, Hastelloy C, Inconel® C-276, NickelVac HC-276, Nicrofer 576, Hastelloy C276, UNS No. N10276 Products Form Standard Hastelloy C-276 Nickel Alloy -- Itroduction & Data SheetHASTELLOY® C-276 alloy (UNS N10276) was the first wrought, nickel-chromium-molybdenum material to alleviate concerns over welding (by virtue of extremely low carbon and silicon contents). As such, it was widely accepted in the chemical process and associated industries, and now has a 50-year-old track record of proven performance in a vast number of corrosive chemicals.

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      • General Characteristics of Hastelloy C 276 AlloyApplicationsForgingHeat TreatmentAlloy C-276 resists the formation of grain boundary precipitates in weld heat-affected zones, hence its suitability for most chemical process applications in the as-welded condition. If, however, attack of a C-276 alloy weld joint is experienced as it may be in certain environments, C-22 weld filler metal should be considered. The alloy has excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemical process environments.Hastelloy C276 Round Bar, Stockist with MTC, UNS 10276 Description Hastelloy C276 Round Bar . HASTELLOY C276 Round Bar is a Nickel Chromium and Molybdenum wrought alloy that is considered the most versatile corrosion resistant alloy available. This alloy is resistant to the formation of grain boundary precipitates in the weld heat-affected zone, thus making it suitable for most chemical process applications in an as welded condition. Hastelloy C-276® Tubes Nickel Alloy Hastelloy C-276® Magellan Metals offers redrawn Hastelloy C-276® tubes and tubing with tight tolerances in almost any size or quantity. Hastelloy C-276® tubes have excellent corrosion resistance and are ideal for use in extreme environments. Contact us to learn more. Hastelloy C276 - Shalco IndustriesHastelloy C276 HASTELLOY C-276 alloy is a solid solution strengthened nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy with a small amount of tungsten. Like other nickel alloys, it is ductile, easy to form and weld, and possesses exceptional resistance to stress corrosion cracking in chloride-bearing solutions. Hastelloy C276 Specifications

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        Hastelloy C276 is a nickel-molybdenum-chromium superalloy with an addition of tungsten designed to have excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of severe environments.Hastelloy C-276 Nickel Alloy, UNS N10276, Alloy C276 Hastelloy C-276 Welding Material Alloy C276 welding products are used as matching composition filler material for welding C276 alloy wrought and cast products, for dissimilar welding applications including other nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys and stainless steels, and for weld overlay or cladding of