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Product Description. Product Description:1. Product Name:Lost Wax Alloy Steel Investment Castings. 2. Material:Parts can be cast in our very wide range of materials, including:Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Heat resisting steels, Alloys for magnetic use, etc. 3. Technique:Precision casting, Investment casting, Lost wax casting, Stainless steel precision casting. EN-GJL-250 Grey Iron Materail Valve Component Precision Hot Tags:EN-GJL-250 Grey Iron Materail Valve Component Precision Machining Parts, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, company, foundry, OEM, Die Cast Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel Casting Process, Investment Casting Parts, Aluminium Die Casting Products, Heat Resistant Steel Investment Casting, Abrasion Resistant Cast Iron

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Types of castings include centrifugal castings and sand castings. Materials used include heat resistant alloys (HK, HT), stainless alloys (304, 316), abrasion resistant alloys, low alloy steels (1020, 8630), tool steels (D2, 440-C) and custom specialty alloys. Castings can Heat Resistant Stainless ASTM A297 - Alloy CastingThe Heat Resistant Stainless classification includes the following ASTM standards; ASTM A297. Home. What We Do. About Alloy Casting Industries. A steel and stainless steel foundry that specializes in pouring casting of various sizes of all industries. Investment Casting AlloyBringing the Strength of Cobalt & Nickel. Cobalt and nickel investment castings, also known as monel alloys or superalloys, provide high end corrosion and abrasion resistance at the most extreme temperatures. When it comes to investment casting, Cobalt and nickel share many mechanical properties with stainless steel castings, but are designed for even greater strength and oxidation resistance.

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Mar 30, 2019 · Each alloy has unique mechanical properties, including varying degrees of hardness, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and ductility. Visit each alloy page for real world examples of how Precision Castings of Tennessee is changing the investment casting industry. Stainless Steel Alloy, Stainless Steel Alloy direct from Stainless Steel Alloy from Wuxi Eternal Bliss Alloy Casting & Forging Co., Ltd.. Heat Resistant Castings Wear Resistance Castings. Featured Product. Profile. Company Overview Mounted Lost Wax Half Cast V5 Stainless Steel Precision SS316 Castings. $38.00 - $40.00 / Set. 3.0 Sets Stainless Steel Investment Casting Heat Resistant Alloys

  • MartensiticFerriticAusteniticDuplexPrecipitation-HardeningAlloys of chromium and carbon that can be hardened by heat treatments and are ferromagnetic. They possess martensitic crystal structure in their hardened condition, although theyre less resistant to corrosion than other grades. The chromium content does not usually exceed 18%, while the carbon content might exceed 1.0%. Martensitic stainless steels, such as types BS3146 PART 2 1975 ANC1A, B, C and ANC2, are similar in composition to the ferrite group, but contain a balance of C and Ni versus CInvestment Casting Services - Post Precision CastingsInvestment Casting Services. With rigorous control and consistent process evaluation, Post Precision Castings, Inc. provides investment castings in 100 alloy steel compositions, including stainless, low alloy, heat resistant, wear resistant, and corrosion resistant alloys. We produce castings ranging from 1 ounce to 250 pounds in order quantities from one to several thousand castings.

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    SAJJAN is a pioneer in the production of heat-resistant tool steel and stainless steel castings, manufactures through centrifugal, static and investment casting processes. The company offers a diverse product portfolio that includes radiant tubes, walking beams, furnaces and various other accessories. Yangxin Mother Earth Precision Metal Co., LtdYangxin Mother Earth Precision Metal Co., Ltd was founded in 2000. Our company is specialized in producing precision investment castings in variety of carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels and copper materials. Our products are widely used in variety kinds of equipments for constructions, medical, ship-building, mining, petrochemical, food production, packaging, defense, transportation Heat Resistant Castings and Alloys FerralloyIf your project requires parts that function in high-temperature service conditions above 1,200ºF (670ºC), under load and, in particular, gas environments, we have the technical authority to assist you with your application. The main groups of heat-resistant alloys include high chrome nickel austenitic alloys, such as heat resistant stainless, nickel-based alloys, and cobalt chrome nickel-based alloys.