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Grades & Materials Cast Iron Steel

Translate this pageI1. I Turn Line Cast Iron Steel Stainless Steel Steel General Purpose Steel Steel Stainless Steel & Super Alloy T-Clamp Line Holemaking Line Mill Line Cast Iron I3 I CONTENTS Page Grades Grade Classification I4 - I5 Grade Recommendation I6 - I8 Coated Application I9 Grade Chart by Product Line I10 - I11 Cermet Grade I12 Ultra Fine Cemented Carbide Grade I13 Ceramic Grade I14 - I16 CBN JIS G 4312Heat resisting steel plate sheet and strip GB /T 3280 - 2015Cold rolled stainless steel plate and stripHot-rolled stainless steel plate,sheet and strip 64 [JIS] JIS G 4305 - 2005 Cold-rolled stainless steel plate,sheet and strip 65 [JIS] JIS G 4403 - 2005 High speed tool steels 66 [JIS] JIS G 4801 - 2005 Spring steels 67 [JIS] JIS G 4802 - 2005 Cold-rolled steel strips for springs 68 Material Spec Steel IronTranslate this pageJIS SPECIFICATION JIS SPECIFICATIONS Grade En Eqvt C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo S P Others S09CK 2A 0.07-0.12 0.30-0.60 0.15-0.35 0.02 0.02 S10C 0.08-0.13 0 Method for Evaluating the Microstructure of Graphite in Iron Castings A249/A249M-03a Standard Specification for Welded Austenitic Steel Boiler, Superheater, Heat-Exchanger,

SUS XM15 J1 - Cast Iron and Cast Steel - steel, SUS XM15

Physical properties of grade SUS XM15 J1 G 4312 (2011) Property Density kg/dm3 Temperature T °C/F Specific heat J / kgK Thermal conductivity W/mK Electric resistance µ·cm Modulus of elasticity kN/mm2 Expansion rate; 156 () 797 () 14:32:24:Solution and Aging, Annealing, Ausaging, Q+T,etc:143:Temp. °C/°F Creep strain limit (10000h) (Rp1,0) N/mm2 SUS XM15 J1 JIS ::Total MateriaSUS XM15 J1, JIS, G 4303, Stainless steel bars, G 4304, Hot-rolled stainless steel plates, sheet and strip, G 4305, Cold-rolled stainless steel plate, sheet and strip, G 4309, Stainless steel wires, G 4312, Heat-resisting steel plate, sheet and strip, G 4311, Heat-resisting steel bars and wire rods, G 4308, Stainless steel wire rods Substitute Material Structural Steel SteelTranslate this pageAustenitic stainless steel. USA, Japan Europe. X12Cr13 414 SUS 410 J1 410 S S 410 08 1.4006 DIN AISI/SAE UNS AFNOR BS UNI SS UNE JIS Austenitic Stainless Steel 1.4301 X5CrNi189 304 Z6CN18.09 304S15 X5CrNi1810 2332 F.3551 SUS304 1.4310 X12CrNi177 301 Z12CN17.07 301S21 X2CrNi1807 2331 F.3517 SUS301 1

SUS XM15 J1 Chemical composition, SUS XM15 J1 Properties

This page cover the Mechanical Properties, Chemical Element, Cross Reference of Japan JIS SUS XM15 J1 steel grade, Application Heat-resisting steel bars and wire rods, Related specifications G 4311 (2011),