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This 1000' roll of monofilament wire is 12-gauge with a certified breaking load of 500 pounds. A monofilament tensioning system provides a rigid support system for your dog fence. We recommend applying two tight lines of 12 ga fencing wire at the top and bottom edge of your fence will support your installation against 12 Gauge Monofilament Wire for Deer FenceUse a roll of 12 ga monofilament wire to strengthen our extra strength poly deer fence as well as keep Deerbusters plastic deer fence from sagging between fence posts. 12 gauge monofilament is available in a variety of sizes. Shop now.

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Wire 2.2mm 2.2mm High Resistance Wire Ul 10362 Wire High Temp 250 Celsius Degree PFA Coated Heat Resistant 16 Gauge Wire 2.2mm. US $0.29 / Meter. 1525 Meters (Min SKYPLANT Polyester Monofilament Wire For Greenhouse 2.2mm This PET wire can be used for poultry (chicken, duck, goose) breeding bed support, grape and kiwi trellis support, and :Grapevine Trellis Wire - 9 Gauge 170 Feet 4.0 out of 5 stars. 20. $62.99. Ook 04527001297 50141 12 Gauge, 100ft Steel Galvanized Wire, 1 Pack, Multicolor. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 589. $11.97. Trellis Anchor Plants, Vine, Trellis Design Kit 100-Piece Plant Anchors,3 Ounce Silicone Adhesive, 175 Feet Galvanized Steel Wire. 3.4 out of 5 stars. :One Way Anchor Vises for 12-13 Gauge Wire The most recommended and most popular gauge wire for creating vineyard trellis systems is 12.5 gauge high tensile wire. It's easier to work with than 8-10 gauge wire and provides the perfect amount of support for vine growing. The recommended gauge for Cordon wires is 12.5 gauge while 14 gauge us used commonly for drip and catch wires.

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Thread one end of a number 11-gauge galvanized wire through the bottom hole of the first post, running it from the inner side to the outer side. Pull 12 to 18 inches of wire through the hole. Quality Agriculture Monofilament Wire Manufacturer and 8 gauge monofilament wire required for fruit bearing wire. Resistant to pesticides and fertilizers. Breaking force:400lbs. for 12.5 gauge and 1200lbs. for 8 gauge. Light weight:25 lb per full coil which also helps with reduced shipping costs.åÊ. 20 plus year life expectancy. Will work with all steel wire Trellis Wire - OrchardValleySupplyKnipex High Tension Wire Cutters 71 01 200 R. $75.99 BUY NOW. Shop Now Large Wire Cutters - Gripple. $65.06 BUY NOW. Shop Now $54.33 BUY NOW. Shop Now Wire, Vineyard Trellis Wire. from $31.93 BUY NOW. Shop Now Wire-Soft 12.5 Gauge 1000 ft. $48.77 BUY NOW. Sign Up For 5% For Your Next Order. Customer Service. Request a Quote; Credit Application;

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For wine grapes, 12.5 ga or 11 ga wire sizes are common for load bearing wires (cordon wires). For higher yield vineyards, 11 ga wire may be appropriate. For catch wires, 12.5 ga and 14 gauge wire sizes are very common. For anchor tie-backs, the Gripple Gpak4 is a great, time saving option. Vineyard monofilament wire - centroesteticoluxor.itVineyard Wire 12.5 gauge 500 ft $29.95/500 ft Orchard Valley Supply monofilament wire 500 ft $35.25/500 ft Orchard Valley Supply vineyard monofilament wire 7,000 ft coil 12.5 g $250 Orchard Valley Supply Training Stakes Bamboo stakes 5 ft (1/2 in. dia) $60.00/250 0.24 Double A Vineyards; Angling news tips, fishing tackle and tactics. Why Use Monofilament Wire On Fence? - DeerBustersJan 15, 2018 · Monofilament wire comes in many lengths and strength grades of 8 gauge to 12 gauge; but any length of monofilament line is recommended for polypropylene fence. Without tensioning wire at the top and bottom, the poly deer fence risks sagging. Monofilament wire makes the plastic deer fence taut from post to post; and can protect the fence from damaging falling tree limbs and deer damage.

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This is a high-quality High Tensile smooth steel vineyard wire with the proper strength and a coating (three times the rust resistance of traditional farm store wire) for long lasting trellis applications, decades of life. Prices subject to change and is limited to quantities on hand. Available in 12.5 and 14 gauge. Weight:500'=14 lbs., 1,000'=28 lbs., 4,000'=99 lbs., 5,000' (14 ga)= 98 lbs.