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In terms of mechanics, there are two aspects. One is microstructural aspect such as crystal structure, chemical composition, dislocation, grain boundary, vacancy etc. and the other is macroscopic aspect such as mechanical properties, yield strength, strain hardening property, ductility. Hydrogen Embrittlement of Music Wire - Metal and Nov 16, 2011 · Pearlitic microstructures are not immune to the effects of hydrogen. They are more resistant to brittle fracture than martensitic microstructures, but they are affected, usually by hydrogen-enhanced decohesion/delamination of the pearlite lamellae. There are a number of good references on the subject, such as the following:

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Microstructural aspects upon hydrogen environment embrittlement of various bcc steels. Hydrogen energy, 35(2), (2010), 821-832. DOI:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2009.10.092 [9] ASTM D 1141-98 Standard practice for the preparation of substitute Hydrogen Production and Uses - World Nuclear Association

  • The Role of Nuclear PowerNational and Regional PlansHydrogen ProductionHydrogen UsesStoring and Transporting HydrogenNotes & ReferencesNuclear power already produces electricity as a major energy carrier. Operating at very high capacity factors, it is well placed to produce zero-carbon hydrogen. The evolution of nuclear energy's role in hydrogen production over perhaps two decades is seen to be:1. Cold electrolysis of water, using off-peak capacity (needs 55 kWh/kg). 2. Use of nuclear heat to assist steam reforming of natural gas. 3. High-temperature steam electrolysis, using heat and electricity from nuclear reactors. 4. High Failure Mechanisms of an AISI 4135 Steel Submitted to the The present work focuses on the experimental multi-scale characterization of fracture of an AISI 4135 steel by using the Disk Pressure Test (DPT). In order to precise the specific features of hydrogen embrittlement, comparison was made between disks burst under helium and hydrogen gas. SEM - EBSD analysis of disks samples before and after the test allowed to analyze and to compare the main Hydrogen embrittlement through the formation of low Nov 01, 2020 · Hydrogen is attracted to microstructural features such as nanoprecipitates, bulk phases, or interfaces. Such attraction gathers hydrogen in prescribed positions where its ability to gather and

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    Jun 06, 2012 · Kurzylowski K, Nykyforchyn G (2003) Hydrogen degradation of materials in energy and petroleum industry. Prob Exploit 51(4):718 (in Polish) Google Scholar Michler T, Naumann J (2010) Microstructural aspects upon hydrogen environment embrittlement of various bcc steels. Int J Hydrogen Energy 35:821832 Microstructural and geochemical constraints on the Jun 03, 2016 · Another peculiar aspect of this sample is the oblique fabric defined by aggregates of clinopyroxene oriented roughly NE-SW (Figure 2j). Intriguingly, similar foliations have been observed in experimentally deformed samples of olivine and clinopyroxene in which deformation is accommodated by grain boundary sliding [ Hiraga et al ., 2013 ]. Microstructure from joint analysis of experimental data Microstructure from joint analysis of experimental data and ab initio interactions:Hydrogenated amorphous silicon Parthapratim Biswas,1,2,a) D. A. Drabold,2,b) and Raymond Atta-Fynn3,c) 1Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS 39406, USA 2Department of Physics and Astronomy, Condensed Matter and Surface Science Program, Ohio

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    Hydrogen concentration measurements by hot extraction techniques show somewhat different trends from permeation studies. The hydrogen concentration was found to strongly depend on processing conditions for modified A-286 (presumably JBK-75) with internal hydrogen (thermally precharged in hydrogen gas), Table!2.2 [23]. Microstructural details The Effect of Microstructural Variation on the Hydrogen The influences of microstructural variation on hydrogen environment-assisted cracking of Monel K-500 are evaluated using five nominally peak-aged lots of material (all of which satisfy the QQ-N-286 specification) tested under slow-rising stress intensity loading while immersed in NaCl solution under cathodic polarizations.HYDROGEN IN METALS:Microstructural Aspects Annual We show that the hydrogen solubility of M-H systems is strongly affected by the morphology and microstructure of and the stress between regions of different hydrogen concentration. For small-sized systems, surface- or interface-related sites become important and change the overall solubility as well as the phase boundaries of M-H systems.