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EN9 :- 0.5% carbon steel giving higher tensile than EN8. Can be induction or flame hardened. Can be induction or flame hardened. EN19 :- 1% chromium molybdenum high tensile steel. EN series steel alloys / EN8 vs. EN9Jul 26, 2011 · My understanding is that the "EN" nomenclature went obsolete in 1970. But EN8 is BS970 080M40 (.08% Mn, .4% C), similar to SAE/AISI 1040. EN9 is BS970 070M55 (.07% Mn, .55% C), similar to SAE/AISI 1055. EN8D is apparently 080A42, which is a compositional adjustment preferable if the item is to be surface hardened.

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EN19. 708M40 / 709M40 High wear resistance material. Supplied in annealed, as rolled or tempered condition. Applications include gears and shafts. EN8 Steel Properties BS970 080M40 Equivalent Material EN8 Steel (BS970 080M40 Material) En8 steel was renamed 080M40 in 1970. It is a commonly used medium carbon engineering steel with good mechanical properties and is widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts, such as general axles and shafts, gears, bolts and stud bolts. En19 Chemical composition, En19 Properties, En19 Datasheet #709M40 #1-7227 #4140 #440 #42CrMo4 #En19 #40CrMoV4-6 Description UK B.S. BS 970, En19 Specialsteel Wrought steels for mechanical and allied engineering purposes and Mechanical Properties, Chemical Element, Cross Reference, Datasheet.

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EN19 and EN24 / EN24T. EN8. En8 is another engineering steel but not as problematic as En 24T etc. It used to be called 40 carbon steel meaning it had a high carbon content to impart high strength. These days it retains the strength levels (because of thermo mechanical rolling) yet it is much lower carbon so much easier to weld. What is the difference between EN8 and EN24 steels?What is the difference between EN8 and EN24 steels? EN8:It is a steel grade which has 0.4% carbon and 0.8% of manganese. Application:Mainly used for shaft and structural applications. EN24:It is a steel which has Ni-Cr-Mo as an alloying elements. EN 24 is generally used in the volume hardened condition. It gives higher toughness than the EN8 What's the Better Material - En24 or En19? - CR4 Aug 24, 2008 · Re:What's the Better Material - En24 or En19? 08/24/2008 8:02 AM 1- you look in a table and see which yield and ultimate stress corresponds to the 22 HRC obtained by heat treatment.

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EN19 materialis a high quality alloy steel with tensile strength. It is a high quality medium carbon. EN19 Steel is one steel grade in BS 970-1955 standard, which is specification for wrought steels for mechanical and allied engineering purpose. With a combination of good ductility and shock resistance, EN19 is suitable for applications with very high loading such as engine gear boxes.EN19 Steel 4140 1.7225 SCM440 42CrMo4 - OTAI EN19 Steel is a high quality Quenched and Tempered Alloy Structural steel, It belong to the high quality medium carbon, Oil Quenched & Tempered Hardenss is 28-34 HRC. EN 19 steel Annealing delivery hardenss less than 250HB. Related Specifications ASTM A29/A29M DIN EN 10083/3 JIS G4053 GB GB/T 3077. 1. Form of Supply.