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Thermex Metal Treating Ltd. > Carburizing; Carburizing. Offered by:Thermex Metal Treating Ltd. Quantity Expected delivery Send request. Item Description. Learn more about this item. Item Details. Ordering Specifications. Item Description. Carburizing is a surface ("case") hardening process used to create a very hard, wear resistant surface on Carburizing Process AHT - Advanced Heat TreatDuring processing, carbon is diffused into the surface of the parts at elevated temperatures. Hardening occurs to this "carburized case" by quenching in oil from above the transformation range resulting in a hard surface for wear resistance and a soft core for ductility.

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Carburizing. Carburizing is a case-hardening treatment where a part is exposed to carburizing atmosphere at a high temperature. This treatment creates a surface (case) with an elevated carbon content. The carburized part can be said to compromise a kind of composite material, where the carburized surface is hard but the unaffected core is tough. Heat Treating Services Induction Carburizing Quench

  • Added Strength, Unique ExpertiseNeutral HardeningCarburizingCarbonitridingInduction Heat TreatingKeyonyxTemperingSintered powdered metal parts can undergo heat treating operations to optimize properties such as strength and hardness. Keystone began heat treating powdered metal parts in the 1940's, and in 1949 was the first company to steam treat a sintered PM part. In the mid-1960's, we added induction heat treating for gears. In the decades since, we have refined these processes to hold better tolerances while retaining the properties of the heat treated part. Unlike most powdered metal manufacturers, we perforTop Heat Treating Services Companies in the USAMay 21, 2021 · Thermex Metal Treating. Edmonton, Alberta. 1979. $1-4.9 Mil. Gas Nitriding. Induction hardening, carburizing, carbonitriding, through hardening, stress relieving, age hardening, precipitation hardening. Tri-J Heat Treating. Pomona, CA. 1976. $1-4.9 Mil Pit Line Oil Quenching - Thermex Metal Heat Treating Ltd.Thermex uses a fast oil quench, this allows for the successful quenching of a range of steel grades from carburized mild steels like 1018 to through-hardened alloy steels like 4340 and 4330V MOD. This versatility and quenching speed lead to successful results

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    The Quality of Thermal Metal Treating, Inc. product services is an important contributing factor in its competitive position, profitability and reputation. The company has invested in vertical integrated manufacturing to include CAD, CAM capabilities, allowing for the design, machining, heat treating and finishing of various types of components. Thermal Metal Treating, Inc Heat & Thermal Metal TreatingThermal Metal Treating, Inc. leads with diverse technical professionals, with over seventy-five years of complex problem-solving experience in a multidiscipline manufacturing environment. This experience reflects our acute awareness of customer critical needs for Thermex Metal Treating Ltd. - Industrial HeatingThermex offers the widest range of ferrous metal heat treating processes available in Western Canada. Based out of Edmonton Alberta, Thermex strives to provide the best heat treating solutions.

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    Through Hardening (Q&T) Through Hardening ("Quench & Temper") is a process used to increase the hardness and tensile strength of material, and in alloy steels such as 4140 and 4340, will result in optimum combinations of strength and toughness. At Thermex, we have a variety of quench types available (oil, water, polymer, air blast), thus allowing for the through hardening of a wide range of Trutec Industries, Inc. - Supplier of carbonitriding Trutec Industries, Inc. is an industrial supplier of carbonitriding, carburizing, chrome plating, heat treat, heat treatment, hydrophilic coating, metal coating Carbonitriding - General Metal Heat TreatingOur carbonitriding heat treatment is one of the many quality heat treating processes offered by General Metal Heat Treating. Carbonitriding is a metal heat treating process that combines carburizing and nitriding. It is typically used to increase the surface hardness of small metal components by producing a wear-resistant case, and is best used when shallow case depths are required.