fatigue crack behavior of stainless steel 304 by the

Effect of surface roughness on low-cycle fatigue behavior

Sep 01, 1975 · Abstract The effects of surface roughness on the low-cycle fatigue life of Type 304 stainless steel at 593°C in air have been investigated. It is observed that, at a strain rate of 4 × 10 3 s 1 and a total strain range of 1 pct, the fatigue life (N f cycles) decreases with Effect of various atmospheres on the threshold fatigue The threshold fatigue crack growth (FCG) behavior of AISi 304 austenitic stainless steel was investigated under three different atmospheres:dry argon, hydrogen and moist air.

Fatigue Behavior of Stainless Steel 304L Including Strain

Feb 18, 2010 · This paper discusses cyclic deformation and fatigue behaviors of stainless steel 304L and aluminum 7075-T6. Effects of loading sequence, mean strain or stress, and prestraining were investigated. The behavior of aluminum is shown not to be affected by preloading, whereas the behavior of stainless steel is greatly influenced by prior loading. Fatigue crack growth behavior of laser-processed 304 Sep 01, 2003 · Abstract. Fatigue crack growth test was performed to evaluate fatigue behavior of 304 stainless steel specimens with or without laser processing (welding and surface treatment) in air and gaseous hydrogen. The Mechanism and Estimation of Fatigue Crack In air, the fatigue lives of Types 304 and 316 SS are comparable; those of Type 316NG are superior at high strain amplitudes. The fatigue eN behavior of cast CF8 and CF8M SSs is similar to that of wrought austenitic SSs. The fatigue lives of all steels are independent of temperature in the range from room temperature to 427°C.

Thermal-fatigue of type 304 stainless steel

Crack growth in type 304 stainless steel . Effect of water quenching on thermal fatigue life of type 304 stainless steel; 8 cycles; There is only limited data available on the thermal fatigue behavior of stainless steel subjected to thermal cycling without external load. In the applications of type . 304 .Fatigue-crack propagation behavior of type 304 stainless Feb 01, 1971 · The fatigue-crack propagation behavior of Type 304 stainless steel was investigated within the framework of linear elastic fracture mechanics at temperatures of 75, 600 1000 and 1200F. The cyclic frequency for the elevated temperature tests was 4 cpm.