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Sep 03, 2019 · Grateful for any suggestions on fixing this leak in the join between two sections of cast iron soil pipe. I've read about hemp and tar and molten lead on this forum but more inclined for go for putty if folk think that'll do the job. How to Fix Holes in Iron Pipes Home Guides SF GateRemove loose metal debris and rust from the pipe at the area of the hole, using a steel putty knife. Smooth the surface of the pipe at the area of the hole with a wire brush. 3 Use the putty knife

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Feb 09, 2020 · Pack each with several turns of oakum so as to make a relatively solid joint between the pipes. These layers are continually hammered into the joint, around and around, until there's only one inch of space between the top of the oakum and the rim of the hub. [3] Leaking Pipe In Wall:How To Find, Repair Options & Cost Leaking sewer pipes can be found using the same methods above, except your sewer lines arent connected to your water meter, so that wont help you. There are a few critical differences between a leaking sewer pipe and a leaking water pipe. Sealing a cast iron downpipe. Screwfix Community ForumJul 17, 2016 · Hello, I have a leaking cast iron downpipe at the point of a join where the hopper meets the downpipe. I'm not sure if it has been repaired before as it has a grey putty around the seal which is a totally different colour to the black pained pipe.

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When connecting cast iron pipe and fittings, the oakum is packed down into the hub of a cast iron fitting or pipe joint and then melted lead is poured over it to the top, sealing the connection. Over time with a building shifting, these joints can become loose and the lead seal can separate from the pipe, thus allowing for wastewater or sewer Why Repairing Cast Iron Sewer Pipes Is a Waste of MoneyFeb 27, 2019 · For the most part, the last houses with underslab cast iron sewer pipes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area were built around 1985. However, by then many houses were being built with PVC sewer pipes. So most houses with cast iron plumbing were built before 1980. Meaning most peoples cast iron systems in the North Texas area are more than 35 years Fix a Leaking Sewer Pipe » The Money PitKOI (sp):Well, I purchased an old house that has an above-ground, cast-iron sewer pipe. It has a leak and the ground underneath is wet. It has a leak and the ground underneath is wet. Its not a bad leak.