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7 rows · The original Klockner Moeller DIL00M series is replaced by Moeller Electric's new DILM DILM9-01(24VDC) - Eaton Moeller - Contactor, DIN Rail, PanelProduct Overview The DILM9-01(24VDC) from Eaton Moeller is a three pole contactor with normally closed (N/C) contacts. This smart and compact design device has ingenious mechanical interlocks (rocker and ball style) that allow fast and easy assembly of contactor combinations without requiring additional space.

DILM9-01(24VDC) MOELLER, DILM9-01(24VDC) Datasheet

Jun 18, 2010 · Request MOELLER DILM9-01(24VDC):CONTACTOR, 4KW, WITH 1NC AUX online from Elcodis, view and download DILM9-01(24VDC) pdf datasheet, More Switches & DILM9-10 KLOCKNER MOELLER ELECTRIC Control PartsDILM9-10 Klockner Moeller xStart Contactors The Klockner Moeller DILM9-10 is a 3-phase IEC rated contactorused for the control of electric motors. It is rated 3 HP at 230V and 5 HP at 460V. It comes with1NO auxiliary contact.Conforms to IEC 60947 AC/DC Operating Coil Voltage:Options listed below Other DILM Contactors DILM9-10 (24V, 60Hz) - Klockner Moeller XTCE009B10TEaton Moeller Contactor 3 Phase 20 Amp 24VAC 1 N.O. Auxiliary - XTCE009B10T - DILM9-10 (24V, 50/60Hz) - Klockner Moeller are some of the highest quality industrial contactors on the market and are made to work in any industrial automation application.

DILM9-10 Moeller IEC contactor 3 pole with an AC coil

Product Description Eaton/Moeller DILM9-10 contactor with an AC rated coil (must choose coil voltage), 1 normally open base mounted auxiliary contact and is rated for 9 AMPS AC-3 (20 AMPS AC-1). This 3 pole IEC rated contactor is rated for 3 H.P. @ 230 volt, 5 DILM9-10(110V50HZ,120V60HZ) Contactor Moeller - PT. Jual DILM9-10(110V50HZ,120V60HZ) Contactor, Eaton, Moeller dengan harga Rp. 228.000 hanya di PT. Wiguna Sarana Sejahtera Datasheet - DILM9-10(230V50HZ,240V60HZ)DILM9-10(230V50HZ,240V60HZ) - Contactor, 3 pole, 380 V 400 V 4 kW, 1 N/O, 230 V 50 Hz, 240 V 60 Hz, AC operation, Screw terminals 276690 DILM9-10(230V50HZ

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276705 DILM9-10(24VDC) Overview Specifications Resources. 276705 DILM9-10(24VDC) Contactor, 3 pole, 380 V 400 V 4 kW, 1 N/O, 24 V DC, DC operation, Screw terminals. Alternate Catalog No. XTCE009B10TD. EL-Nummer (Norway) 4130288. KLOCKNER MOELLER DILM9-01 24 VOLT DC CONTACTORProduct Description Eaton/Moeller DILM9-01 contactor with a 24 volt DC rated coil, 1 normally closed base mounted auxiliary contact and is rated for 9 AMPS AC-3 (20 AMPS AC-1). This 3 pole IEC rated contactor is rated for 3 H.P. @ 230 volt, 5 H.P. @ 460 volt 3-phase and comes with screw terminals. Moeller DILM7 thru DILM12 ContactorFor technical or sales support call the Moeller Electric Automation and Motor Control Experts. email; Menu. Moeller DILM7 thru DILM12 is now Eaton XTCE007B10 thru XTCE012B10 Contactor SAME EXACT PART- ONLY PART # CHANGE :Part:HP @ 230:HP @ 460:Amps:AC-3:AC-1 (Actual part may vary) DILM7:2:3:7:20:DILM9:3:5:9:20:DILM12:3:10:12


Moeller DILM9-01(24VDC) MOELLER CONTACTOR, 24VDC, 3 POLES, 4KW, 380-400V, 1NC, DC OPERATION, SCREW TERMINALS part of Electrical Contactors, distributed by Kempston Controls. Shipping to 240+ countries worldwide.Moeller DILM9-10 Series Contactor21 rows · Moeller DILM9-10 Series Contactor. For Moeller DILM9-10 technical or sales support call