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Two main product groups There are two main groups of Roxtec products to choose from. The type of application and require- ments of protection determine which product to Frames, modules and round seals (2.362") standard depth. Individual products, such as RS seals, may present a ROXTEC Anixter CanadaROXTEC. MFR PART # STAYPLT 120 AIS. PART # 604273. Minimum 1 Each. View All Add To Cart Add To List. MULTI DIA BLOCK BOND & GROUND TECK, ARM SHD CABLES SEAL 1 CBLES 48-71MM. ROXTEC. MFR PART # RM90 BG B. PART # 498620. Minimum 1 Each. View All:Miscellaneous. In Stock. Add To Cart RM 15W40 ES ERM0115401181. ROXTEC. MFR PART


ES FR CN DE Page 2 of 252. Page 3 of 252. 8 18 22 31 35 44 51 54 57 64 67 71 78 81 84 86 88 91 91 94 97 99 RS seal RS OMD seal RS PPS/S single-side seal RS PPS back-to-back seal R X seal RS X seal C RS T seal RG M63 seal CRL seal Roxtec Wedge Roxtec Stayplate Roxtec C Wedge Roxtec C Stayplate Roxtec Lubricant, Assembly Gel ROXTEC RS SEAL (Roxtec International AB) Free BIM object Penetration seal for a single cable or pipe. The Roxtec RS is a seal for single cables or pipes in metal sleeves or existing holes. The entry seal has two halves with removable layers making it adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes. The design of the transit makes it easy to install around existing cables or pipes. Fire rated; Gas-tight Roxtec C RS T seal - excelautomationincThe Roxtec C RS T entry seal is a kit-supplied small-sized solution for cabinets and equipment. Attachment by counter ring nut For one cable or pipe Allows use of pre-terminated cables EN Roxtec C RS T ö 14ô & _L¿ & Ë,´ Ã+X ¾ j ¼Aî 7,´ ? » ö [email protected] ã é x Ä +a û d=ê!ý ¹>õ +X ¾ 0 +e56,´ ö 1 +X ¾ ö 1N´ x1 Õ+e56 Der Roxtec C

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Round seal for single cable entries. The Roxtec C RS T is a compact entry seal for single cables requiring a rating up to IP 69K. The seal is available with housing in stainless steel or nickel-plated brass. The cable transit device is available in four sizes to cover cables ranging from 3.6 to 30mm. Roxtec Cable Entry Product categories Excel Automation Roxtec C RS T 50 $ 112.28. Roxtec CRST50 circular cable seal; accommodates 1 cable w/ a diameter range from 0.315 to 1.181, rated NEMA 4X / IP66 / IP67 Art. No. CRST010050046 Availability:normally in stock. Add to cart Roxtec RS OMD Cable Transit Frame - Seal Cables HV 11kV Roxtec RS OMD Cable Transit Frame is a round seal with removable layers both on the inside and outside the Roxtec Multidiameter technology enables the RS OMD variations to be suitable both for cables or pipes inside the seal and for the fit on the outside to the pipe sleeve or the hole.. The Roxtec frame parts are assembled to construct different sizes and combinations of openings to

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Roxtec RS PPS Cable Seal is a back-to-back solution for openings with plastic pipes in walls, floors, decks and bulkheads the Roxtec cable seal kits consists of two seals and one intumescent sealing strip and is used with a SL PPS sleeve. Roxtec products Roxtec CanadaWe are ready to assist you in your safety work and solve your sealing problem, wherever you operate. Contact your nearest Roxtec office for guidance through design challenges or for questions regarding installation quality.. Call:+1 800 520 4769 Email:[email protected] Visit our support section Sealing Cables 33kV Cable Seals Roxtec Cable Transit Sealing Cables. Thorne & Derrick distribute Roxtec Round Cable Transit Frames & Cable Seals f or low, medium and high voltage electrical cables, this includes 11kV/33kV substation cable duct and cable sealing we provide competitive prices for cable transits manufactured by Roxtec from extensive stocks to UK and international destinations.. See also:Roxtec Rectangular Cable Transit Frames

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RS seal RS OMD seal RS PPS/S single-side seal RS PPS back-to-back seal Sleev-it Fire penetration seal EL SISTEMA DE SELLADO DE ROXTEC ES Solución de sellado Roxtec Deniciones Protección certicada Módulos RM Módulos CM Marco S Marco SRC Marco SK Marco SBTB Marco SF Marco GHM Marco G Marco BRoxtec RS seal Roxtec Canada61 rows · The Roxtec RS is a round entry seal consisting of two halves and an adaptable center with