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12H2N4A, 14NiCrMo13-4, 1.6657, 16NCD17, AISI 9310 - Alloy case-hardening steel with nickel addition acc. to PN-H-84035, EN 10084. 16NiCrMo12, 16NCD13, 832M13- case-hardening steelStructural steel 16NiCrMo12 is an alloy grade for thermo-chemical treatment - carburizing. It is mainly used in the aviation industry for particularly heavy duty parts and components. 25NiCrMo12-5F, BNCMo 2, BNCMo2, 15Ni13Cr3Mo2, 15NiCrMo13, 15 NiCrMo 13, AISI 9310H, AISI 9310, G93100, G93106, H93100, H93104, H93106, AISI 9314. See our

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AISI 9310 Alloy Steel (UNS G93100) -. Equivalent materials to AISI 9310 alloy steel are AMS 6260G AMS 6265C AMS 6267A ; Fabrication and Heat Treatment Tempering.AISI 9310 alloy steel is usually tempered at 149 20Cr2Ni4 equvalent#176;C (300 20Cr2Ni4 equvalent#176;F).Annealing.AISI 9310 alloy steel is annealed at 857 20Cr2Ni4 equvalent#176;C (1575 20Cr2Ni4 equvalent#176;F) and then slowly cooled in the furnace.Cold Working AISI 4320 Alloy Steel (UNS 9310 ALLOY STEEL AMS 6265 VAR UNS931069310 VAR AMS 6265 is a Chromium-Nickel-Molybdenum Alloy used as a Carburizing Grade for Aircraft Parts. Users can obtain high case hardness coupled with high core strength and toughness. High alloy content makes it suitable for use in relatively large cross-sections. Its combination of high alloy and low carbon content can achieve high core hardness with a narrow range between thicker and thinner part 9310 Bar - Sullivan Steel Service9310 domestic produced VAR steel. High quality carburizing steel produced by a vacuum consumable electrode process. High hardenability, high core hardness and high fatigue strength, produced in the US. AISI 9310 AMS 6265 Reference UNS G93100:Benefits of 9310. Normalized & Tempered;

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Alloy steels contain different kinds of steels exceeding the composition limits of Mn, C, Mo, Si, Ni, Va, and B set for the carbon steels. They are designated by AISI four-digit numbers. The first two digits represent the main alloying elements, and the last two digits represent the carbon content present in the alloy in hundredth of a percent. ATI Allvac® 9310 UNS G93106, UNS H93100 Specialty SteelATI Allvac® 9310 UNS G93106, UNS H93100 Specialty Steel Categories:Metal; Ferrous Metal; Alloy Steel; AISI 9000 Series Steel; Low Alloy Steel; Carbon Steel; Low Carbon Steel. Material Notes:Uses:Automotive applications, structural components, gears, rods, heat-treatable shafts. Property values are for samples in the metallurgical condition Aircraft Steel AISI 9310 (AMS 6260 / AMS 6265 / AMS 6267)Alloy 9310 Vac-Arc (LESCALLOY 9310 VAC ARC ®) is a carburizing steel which has high hardenability, high core hardness together with high fatigue strength. The premium quality of alloy 9310 make it ideally suited for critical aircraft engine gears. Availability Alloy 9310 Vac-Arc (LESALLOY 9310 VAC ARC ®) is available in bar (round bar).

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Known as (Alloy Steel) 9310, this metal is a mix containing a composition of iron, nickel, chromium, and other elements in a carbon steel. Its UNS designation is G93106. It is one alloy steel in a group of many types which all have unique ratios to provide different properties and qualities for design. SAE-AISI 9310 (1.6657, G93106) Ni-Cr-Mo Steel May 30, 2020 · SAE-AISI 9310 (1.6657, G93106) Ni-Cr-Mo Steel SAE-AISI 9310 steel is an alloy steel formulated for primary forming into wrought products. 9310 is the designation in both the SAE and AISI systems for this material. 1.6657 is the EN numeric designation. And G93106 is the UNS number. It has the highest base cost among SAE-AISI wrought steels. UNS G93106 steel - Steel gradesAllvac® Vasco® 9310 Specialty steel, Heat Treatment:899°C (1650°F) Normalization Latrobe Lescalloy® 9310 VAC-ARC Premium Carburizing steel Latrobe Lescalloy® 52100 VAC-ARC High Performance Bearing Steel AISI E 52100 Steel AISI 4150 Steel, annealed 815°C (1500°F) NALLV28 /

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9310 Alloy Steel. 9310 alloy steel (also known as AISI 9310 steel) is a low alloy carburizing steel based primarily in nickel and chromium and known for its hardenability and strength. 9310 also possesses solid ductility, weldability, and machinability properties, and is an excellent metal for use in heavy-duty machinery, case hardened components, and gears.