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Distributed by Mueller Streamline Co. 8285 Tournament Drive, Memphis, TN 38125 800-846-9750 muellerindustries page 2 of 3 AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE TUBE STREAMLINE® dehydrated and sealed copper tube is of a consistent annealed temper, bright and thoroughly dried and packaged in individual cartons. Adapters On Mueller Industries Inc.ABOUT MUELLER STREAMLINE CO. Our Company Copper Tube Line Sets Fittings Find a Rep. DOWNLOADS

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Streamline ® Nitrogenized ® ACR Copper Tube is pressurized with nitrogen to provide maximum protection against the formation of harmful oxides normally formed during brazing operations. Reduction of these oxides greatly reduces system contamination. For use in HVACR applications Made to applicable ASTM standards B280 Dehydrated Coil On Mueller Industries Inc.Copper Tube for HVACR Applications Streamline ® Refrigeration Service Tube is of a consistent dead soft temper, bright, thoroughly dried/dehydrated and packed in shrink wrapping plus individual cartons for the highest level of protection. For use in HVACR and mechanical applications Made to Item # KB06020, Plastic Coated Copper Tube, 3/4" x 20' On Streamline® Plastic-Coated Copper Tube is manufactured in a variety of options for use when copper tube is to be buried or used in a potentially aggressive environment. Some building and insulation materials may contain chemicals that are potentially corrosive to plain copper tube, requiring it to be protected to ensure its longevity in service.

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Streamline® Copper Tube sets the standard for quality, consistency and service in the plumbing industries. With a full line of copper tube products to support most all plumbing supply and DWV applications, Streamline® Copper Tube is available in all common types including Type K, Mueller Streamline Co. Innovation Gate Trading Mueller Streamline Co. Hard & Soft Drawn; Copper Pipe; Copper pipe Fittings; HVACR; Plumbing; CO2 Refrigeration; Medical Gas Specialty; We Innovation Gate Trading Co., Specialized in Electro-Mechanical Products & services related to the building services industry. Download Brochure. Mueller Streamline Co. - Mueller IndustriesMueller Streamline Co. provides products supporting the plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, PVF, and other markets. The companys flagship products are Streamline® copper tubing, line sets, copper fittings, valves, and related items.

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Copper Tube for HVACR Applications Submittal:Download:Copper Tube for Medical Gas Applications Submittal: ABOUT MUELLER STREAMLINE CO. Our Company Copper Tube Line Sets Fittings Find a Rep Contact. DOWNLOADS. Catalogs/Brochures Price Lists Technical Information Submittals CAD/BIM . Summary Brochure - 1Mueller Industries - Streamline Mueller Streamline Co. 8285 Tournament Drive, Suite 150 Memphis, TN 38125 P 901.753.3200 April 17, 2012 SUBJECT:Streamline Copper Tube & Fittings UL Recognized to 700 PSI Operating Pressures to Support R410A and Sub Critical CO2 Applications To Our Valued Customers:Mueller Streamline Co. Summary Brochure - 1Mueller Industries - Streamline When Mueller Industries introduced the world's first solder-type copper fittings under the Streamline brand in 1930, the HVACR industry changed forever. Those then-revolutionary Streamline copper solder-joined fittings were strong, precise and reliable, which helped establish all-copper systems as the industry standard.

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Manufactured by Mueller Industries companies using highest-quality materials and precision tooling, Streamline® products provide the kind of assurance that only comes when a solution is designed to work together. Choosing Streamline® means choosing strength, precision, reliability, and