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Amico CUT-50HF 50Amp Non-touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

This plasma cutter works great. I would have given it 5 stars had it not been for the use of brittle plastic for the face plate. Other than that this plasma cutter is amazing, especially when using 220v. I've easily cut through 1/2" mild steel plate and cutting through 3/8 & 1/4 inch plate CNC Plasma Cutting Metal Fabrication - Western MetalworxInnovative in all aspects of our work, the steel cutting technology we invest in is the equivalent of multiple operators on lathes, grinders, routers, mills and shapers we can achieve greater levels of efficiency, speed and complexity that conventional machines cannot. CNC Plasma Cutting Solutions for any Design

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Steel Fabrication Pipe Cutting Structural Steel Fabrication Automotive/Transportation Shipbuilding Steel Service Center FLEXCUT® 200 Mechanized Dual Gas Plasma Cutting System Premium Cut Performance 200A, 100% Duty Cycle maximizes production efficiency Operates using air or oxygen plasma Hypertherm® XPR300 - Benefiting from Voortman Steel The capabilities of plasma are significantly redefined with this XPR300 plasma source, which provides considerable advantages for your production and ultimately your bottom line. The XPR incorporates X-Definition cut quality by encompassing the newest cutting technologies. This superior cut quality is eed in mild steel with improved Inland Empire Metal Supply Inland Empire Metal DistributorInland Empire store is open six days a week to the public. Metal Distributor in Inland Empire Industrial Metal Supply Riverside, CA is conveniently located on Main Street, just south off the 10 freeway and just north of the 215/60 interchange in the greater Inland Empire area.

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  • Working PrincipleApplicationLaser Cutting Advantages and DisadvantagesPlasma Cutting Advantages and DisadvantagesLaser Cutting Machine vs. Plasma Cutting MachineWorking principle of the plasma cutting machine:A processing method which takes oxygen or nitrogen as working gas, make use of high-temperature plasma arc heat to melt and evaporate the incision of the metal part and by means of the momentum of high-speed plasma flow to remove the molten metal in order to form slotting seam. The working principle of the laser cutting machine:The laser beam which generated by laser device transmitted through a series of the reflector, then focus on the workpiece surfPlasma Cutter, CUT50 50 Amp 110V/220V ±15% Dual This plasma cutter is made of high quality components, By adopting the most Advanced inverter technical of switch power, as well as the Product life and work efficiency are increased by 30% than ordinary machines The cutting effect is also perfect, smooth cutting surface, No need to polish This plasma cutter with LCD digital display and equipped with a portable handleIt is very convenient to Spirit 400a Product InfoUses up to 78% less plasma gas than competition. That is an average of 48% across all ranges and 38% average on the high amperage range (200A to 400A). - Advanced technology, high efficiency chopper-stabilized current output. Higher Reliability - Extremely robust design components and testing standards achieve high product reliability. Steel cutting machine, Steel cut-off machine - All X travel:2,000, 3,000 mm Y travel:4,000, 6,000, 8,000, 10,000, 12,000 mmA high pressure cutting head accepts a 5, 7.5 or 10 cutting lens. A safety system protects the cutting head from collision with the workpiece. BLS also provides sliding type doors

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    Oxy fuel cutting machine/portable cnc plasma cutting machine/oxy machine Application:Plate plasma cutting machine Remax-1530 is used for cutting metal materials, such as stainless steel, mild steel, and Aluminum etc. 2. when the machine finished production, welcome to our factory get free train; if you need, our technologist can also come to How to Optimize Plasma Cutter Performance

    • TipsPostureDirection of TravelAmps and Travel SpeedGuidesSmart nesting for laser, plasma, oxyfuel, and waterjet cuttingFeb 05, 2019 · Consider a plasma application involving the cutting of bolt hole flanges on 0.5-in.-thick mild steel, producing a large quantity of a single part. The programmer must deal with several major concerns, including material utilization, lead placement (both lead-ins and lead-outs), and hole quality. Hole Cutting Optimization.