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Mar 28, 2018 · As the chemicals react with the metal surface, a colored pattern appears. Use two different finishes, one on top of the other, to achieve different effects. 4. Seal the finish. Once the desired patina has been achieved, seal the piece with a clear sealer, metal oil or wax. Two or three lighter coats are better than a single heavy coat, allowing TRIPLE-S CONCRETE ACID STAINS - SSS ChemicalsTriple-S Chemical Concrete Staining Products specializes in concrete acid stains, patinas and antiquing solutions for metals. We are a small and independent company based in Los Angeles, California for over 25 years. Triple-S Concrete Acid Stains contain inorganic salts dissolved in water, which react with the minerals within concrete.

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Triple S Chemical Products, Inc. - we supply patinas:chemical solutions that antique, age and oxidize metals to beautiful colors (e.g. copper roofs to a natural green finish). multiple colors available. Triple- S Chemical Products, Inc. - Home FacebookTriple- S Chemical Products, Inc., Los Angeles, CA. 255 likes · 22 were here. Metal Antiquing Solutions. Concrete Stains- Acid & Acrylic. Metal Sealers. Concrete paleoproterozoic metasedimentary rocks:Topics by Isotopic and chemical studies of early crustal metasedimentary rocks. NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) Jacobsen, Stein B. 1988-01-01. The aim, within the bounds of the Early Crustal Genesis Project, was the isotopic and chemical study of selected early crustal meta-sedimentary rocks. Western Australia was chosen as the first field area to

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LOS is a quickly acting patina that comes in the form of small rocks that you need to add to water, or as a gel. To slow the process of color change, use your LOS in cold water. Have a spare glass of water mixed with baking soda to dip your item in to stop further patination when you reach the color you like.