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Eaton FH79 Starter, A200/B100, Heater Element, 34.60 - 41.50, Size 3, 4 A200 Heater for Type A and B Overload Relays, Size 3 & 4 Starter, Range 34.6 - 41.5 FLA (Full Load Amps). FH28 - Westinghouse - Overload Heater ElementsFH28, Westinghouse / Cutler Hammer, A200 Series, thermal overload heater element, type FH, rated for 3.22-3.53 amps, suitable for use with thermal overload relays, magnetic motor starters &

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directions for heater element selection indicate that Table 153 should be used. The table shows that 36.7 A falls between two values, 35.0 A (W66) and 38.0 A (W67). Because 38.0 A is closer to the requirement, select the heater element W67. Example 2. Starter at List of Global Minerals & Metallurgy , Ceramics Companies Alumina tube, ceramic tube, alumina crucible, ceramic crucible, MoSi2 heating element, SiC heating element, ceramic fiber board. Address:JianShe Road ZhongYuan District HeNan ZhengZhou Zhengzhou, Hena Overload Relay Heater Tables & ChartsCutler Hammer (Westinghouse) Heater Selection Chart. Joslyn Clark Joslyn Clark Overload Heater Table . Mag-Trol, Inc. MAG-TROL specializes in motor control and circuit breakers to the industrial, OEM, contractor, and equipment maintenance markets.

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Heater Table Number Bimetal Standard Trip (Class 20) Bimetal Quick Trip (Class 10) Compensated Compensated Size Controller E Heaters K Heaters Heater Elements Class SMF Heater Motor Full-Load List Catalog Number Current (Amps) Price $ SMFH01 TYPE N HEATER ELEMENTS - Rockwell AutomationHEATER ELEMENT SELECTION - The Full Load Amps. listed in the tables are to be used for heater element selection. The rating of the relay in amperes at 40 C is 115% of the Full Load I INDEX TO HEATER ELEMENT SELECTION TABLES I TABLE 13 I HI 1 Starter eater 1 Full Load Amps. I Bulletin Number 1 2 3 Sizes Relay Relays Relays 2 Use and Care Manual - Westinghouse Water HeatingNOTE:Westinghouse reserves the right to modify product technical C. Heating Element Replacement Procedure 12 Part 7 - Maintenance serious personal injury, or death.13 Table 1 - Approximate Time / Temperature Relationships in Scalds Part 2 - Prepare the Water Heater

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Westinghouse Electric Corporation Provides Smart Home Appliances To Energy Solutions That Are Cleanly And Safely Powering Us Into The Next Generation. Westinghouse Outdoor Heaters, Therapeutic massage Westinghouse propane heaters are 100% eco-friendly, suited for outdoor, residential, and commercial use. See products /> SAUNAS. Turn any room into a personal oasis with an infrared carbon sauna. Increase your core body temperature with soothing infrared carbon heat and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Sweat your troubles away Westinghouse Water HeatingWith state of the art technologies and a focus on high efficiency water heating, Westinghouse water heaters pave the way in the heating industry and provide some of the best water heaters. One of the key components to Westinghouse water heater success is the use of new technology along with its aesthetically pleasing stainless steel tanks.

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V5-T2-102 Volume 5Motor Control and Protection CA08100006EApril 2012 eaton 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2.2 NEMA Contactors and Starters A200 Series Heater Selection General Information on Heater Coil Selection