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  • HistoryPlate CamerasLarge Roll-Film Cameras120 Film CamerasRapid Film Cameras126 Film Cameras110 Film CamerasBibliographyLinksIn 1867, Chemistry scientists Paul Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Carl Alexander von Martius founded Gesellschaft für Anilinfabrikation mbH in Rummelsburg near Berlin. The company produced aniline colors. In 1887 chemical scientist Momme Andresen drove the company to enter photo chemistry. Its first success was in 1888 the developer Rodinal. Later it had problems entering film production since Kodak was years ahead. In 1908 it launched a less flammable security cine film, and in 1910 it opened itsShout! Factory Scary Logos Wiki Fandom
    • LogosMusic/SoundsScare Factor1st logo:We see a jittery TV screen with bluish static and a film countdown leaderboard on it. The Shout! Factory logo consists of five unevenly-arranged rectangles alternating between red and black colors in a pattern with an exclamation point at the end, with "SHOUT" displayed on each rectangle letter-by-letter with the exclamation point at the end and "FACTORY" is shown below it in between two horizontal lines, comes into focus, flashing a bit. As the leaderboard finishes the static remHorror Factory Nightmare Logos Wiki FandomHorror Factory is a small French company based in London founded by Philippe Bazelle, specializing in horror movies.. 1st logo (2015-2017) [edit edit source] Logo Horror Factory. WARNING:This logo contains a very loud jump scare, so we sorely recommend you turn down your audio equipment. It is not recommended viewing for the weak of heart. Nicknames:"The K-Fee Gargoyle's Cousin", "Gunter LOMO The Movies Wiki Fandom
      • OverviewHistorySocial standingLOMO LOMO logo.png Founded Petrograd, Russia (1914) Headquarters St. Petersburg, Russia Industry Imaging, Medical Products Lenses, medical equipment, consumer still and movie cameras, lenses, professional sound recorders for motion-picture production Revenue Eion error:Unexpected < operator.$NaNScript error:No such module "Wd". Website Script error:No such module "URL".Script error:No such module "Check for unknown parameters".Contax RF lenses. Photrio Photography ForumsMay 03, 2020 · I will say that Jupiter and Helios are actually Soviet industrial designations for the lenses. There weren't companies and brands in the Soviet Union as I understand, so much as factories and individual product designations, although you do see a marked difference in the style between the outputs of, say, the FED (Felix E Dzherzhinsky) factory commune and the KMZ (Kraznogorsk Mechanical

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        • SynopsisPlotCastAfter uncovering corruption in high places (in Gorky Park), Renko is dismissed from his job as a Moscow police investigator and is forced to accept a variety of menial jobs in remote parts of the Soviet Union. Finally, he finds himself gutting fish on a factory ship in the Bering Sea, in part to hide from the KGB, who have tried to kill him. The Soviet factory ship is part of a US-Soviet joint venture, with the US fishing vessels catching the fish and turning the catch over to the Soviets for processing (gutting, cleaning, anWar Robots Wiki Fandom
          • The GameThe WikiThe Test ServerThe ForumWar Robots (formerly Walking War Robots) is an online multiplayer combat game developed by Pixonic, in which players pilot giant robots (Mechs) in either 6 on 6, or 6 player free-for-all matches, lasting up to 10 minutes, on random detailed maps, competing for either beaconcontrol or total destruction of the enemy.Command & Conquer Legos - FandomCommand & Conquer Legos (known as Tiberium Legos from 2007 to 2011) is a machinima created by Zee Hypnotist from CNCNZ, with input from the rest of the site staff and fans. It is basically a re-imagination of Command & Conquer games, with which it shares endings, but often goes off-canon to create its own story, often in a comical manner. 1 Plot 1.1 Season 1:First Tiberium War (2007) 1.2 Russia Battlefield Wiki Fandom
            • Armed ForcesAppearancesEquipmentTriviaMilitary Branches
              These are the currently operating military branches of the Russian Federation. To see the military branches of the Soviet Union, see Soviet Union.Intelligence Gathering Services
              These are the services that gather intelligence for the Armed Forces of Russia. There is currently only one that is shown.Military Organizations
              The Russian Federation is known to be a part of one fictional organization.Privacy Policy FandomAug 03, 2020 · The Services include websites at fandom, wikia and wikia, and the respective subdomains, and the mobile apps provided under the Fandom brand. The Services also include the D&D Beyond mobile app and the websites at dndbeyond, futhead, gamepedia, muthead,, and We respect your right to privacy. Soviet Unionball Polandball Wiki Fandom
              • HistoryCollapseRelationshipsSoviet Socialist RepublicsSplit of USSRBallHow to DrawGalleryEarly History
                Soviet Unionball was born in 1903, in the 2nd Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, he was a communist son of Russian Empireball. He tried to kill his father, Russian Empireball in 1905 during the Russian Revolution (1905) but failed. However, he killed his second father, Russian Republicball (foWorld War II
                In 1941, after having smashed the face of Franceball and sent Teaball in his clay back, Fakefriendball broke the non-aggression pact and invaded Sovietball's clay with Operation Barbarossa, along with Hungaryball, and Romaniaball, and later Finlandball. Fakefriendball had almost attacked to MoscowballCold War era
                1. Main article:Cold War After World War II, Sovietball instated socialist governments in many of the Eastern and Northern European countryballs he had "liberated", such as Hungaryball, Romaniaball, and Polandball, while directly annexing others. The part of Nazi Germanyball's clay he had occupied was giWar factory (Red Alert 1) - Fandom
                • BackgroundGame BuildingCaptureGalleryThe war factory is a large structure, resembling an oversized garage. Basically, it consists of a central open area where actual manufacturing of the unit would take place, a collection of robot welding arms, a smelter, and various other small processes related to the manufacturing of parts for the assembly of units. The robotic arms though had to be guided by human minds therefore factions using war factories employed engineers into them to make sure there was no fault in the vehicle. During the Third World WRiga Autobus Factory - FandomRAF-2203 Latvija. The Riga Autobus Factory (Rgas Autobusu Fabrika), (abbreviated RAF) was a factory in Jelgava, Latvia, making vans and minibuses under the brand name Latvija.. During the Soviet period, RAF and UAZ were the only producers of vans and minibuses in Soviet Union.RAF vans and minibuses were used only by state enterprises, most often as ambulances and for public transit.

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                    1. 510, 520, 610, 620GOMZ Camerapedia FandomFounded in 1932 near Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), the GOMZ factory is one of the oldest Soviet optical companies. It was the manufacturer of the early series of the famous Lubitel cameras. One of the biggest and oldest Soviet camera industry giant was GOMZ. In 1962 GOMZ became a part the Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Association of Enterprises (LOOMP), (=