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ASTM B708 - 12(2019) Standard Specification for Tantalum

This specification covers the standard requirements for tantalum and tantalum alloy plate, sheet, and strip in the following grades:R05200, R05400, R05255, R05252, and R05240. The various tantalum mill products covered by this specification shall be formed with the conventional extrusion, forging, and rolling equipment normally available in metal working plants. ASTM F1295 ium Sheet matmetalsStandard:ASTM F67, ISO 5832-2, ASTM F136, ISO 5832-3, ASTM F1295 Application:Medical implant , Surgical implant, occipital plate, locking plate, titanium mesh, DHS compression hip plate

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More related options such as tungsten plate, tungsten, carbide sheet could be your choices too. From sourcing raw materials to launching business projects to satisfying retail demands, our role evolves to meet your 2021 current and future sourcing needs in the mineral and energy industries. Tantalum - Midwest Tungsten ServiceR05240, tantalum alloy, 60 % tantalum, 40 % niobium, electron-beam furnace or vacuum-arc melt. Midwest Tungsten stocks and can also provide custom sizes of 99.95% pure tantalum as well as 99.99% min pure tantalum in ingot, rod, bar, wire, tube, crucible, plate, target, sheet and foil form. Tantalum Plate|Tantalum Alloys - Zhengzhou SanhuiPurity of tantalum plate is 99.95% or 99.99%. Tantalum plate is produced accordance with ASTM. Sanhui provides tantalum plate according to buyers demands.

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ASTM RO5200 99.95% Pure Tantalum and Other Alloy Plate and Sheet for Capacitor Application BaoJi Yuan Da Metal Co. Ltd. is one of the leading China tantalum bar manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company we have productive factory, welcome to wholesale tantalum bar, tantalum rod products from us. Tantalum Tungsten (Ta2.5W) Alloy Sheets UNS R05252 - ALB ALB Materials Inc is a global supplier of Tantalum Tungsten Alloy Sheets / Plate / Board and we can provide customized tantalum products. Prepare tantalum tungsten alloy ingot via vacuum electron beam smelting or vacuum arc melting, forging or extrusion billet over 1200 degrees celsius, then rolling or drawing below 500 degrees celsius to get Tantalum Tungsten Alloys Ta-W Foil, Plate, Rod, Bar Tantalum Tungsten Sheet & Plate Materials:R05252 (Ta-2.5W), R05255 (Ta-10W) Standard:ASTM B708-98 Thickness:0.07-20 mm Width:30-1000 mm Length:30-3000 mm Tantalum Tungsten Rod & Bar Materials:R05252 (Ta-2.5W), R05255 (Ta-10W) Standard:ASTM B365-98 Diameter:4-150 mm, Length:30-3000 mm Height:1-20 mm, Width:10-100 mm, Length:30-3000 mm Tantalum Tungsten

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Heavy metal tungsten alloys are 90% to 97% pure tungsten in a matrix of nickel and copper or nickel and iron. The addition of these alloying elements improves both the ductility and machinability of these alloys over non-alloyed tungsten. We stock alloy as:rod; bar; plate; sheet; Most stock items are shipped the same day! Purchase Tungsten Alloy Online Tungsten Rod, Plate, Sheet, Wire - Product & Service Tantalum and Niobium. Tantalum and Alloy; Niobium and Alloy. Ceramics and Others. Bismuth Powder processed into slab, rod, wire with excellent performance, then use special rolling technology for the production of tungsten plate, sheet (foil), rod (wire) series products, with good processability and low impurity content. GB/T3875-83 Tantalum Tungsten Sheet - TRM - Refractory Material In addition, tantalum tungsten alloy sheet/plate has excellent corrosion resistance especially in acids. We can offer a wide variety of dimensions. Application:Tantalum tungsten sheet/plate is used for chemical process equipment including heating and cooling coils, heat exchange, condensers, reaction vessels, leaf springs and bellows.